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Real Life Update

So it has been quite a while since I last posted here.  The whole summer, to be honest.  Life kinda got in the way.  All very good things (for the most part) but tough on productivity!

Here’s the long and short of it.  We bought a house (yeah!) then started renovating it – which took a lot longer than expected (months).  Then we had to pack, move, paint and unpack.  All while I got an additional position at school, working in the admin office.  It was a hectic summer, to say the least.

But now I’m kinda back.  At least on a semi-regular basis.  And I’m back with all kinds of updates.

One, I’ve got work in a group show down in Jersey (woo hoo!).  I wasn’t able to get down there to see it, but my mom went, and she said the whole show looked amazing, and I got a few shots from her and her friends 🙂  It’s titled “langour | temperance / repose.”  The show info is HERE and HERE.  And here is a sample of one of the images that I have in the show.  You may recognize it from previous posts…..


Also, cool news, I’ve started work on the new batch of big, mamba-jamba murals for my solo show here in Boston at the Garner Center at NESOP.  Can’t wait!  Did test strips on Monday, and things are looking good!  Maybe I’ll post a teaser once I get the first couple developed 🙂

And the third bit of cool news is that I was accepted to an artist residency!!!!  This is kinda amazing for me, as I’ve never done one of these things.  It just sounds awesome.  Sure, I’d love to go some place foreign (ie, Prague!?!?) for a month and just make art!  Twist my arm, seriously!  So, to help me along with all this, as airfare is insane and it is a month of room and board, I decided to launch a Kickstarter project.  I’d been hearing a ton about these, and I’ve had a few other artist friends launch projects in the past, but this is another first for me.  So if you know anyone with a couple of extra bucks eating a hole in their pocket, send them my way, and they can help support arts and crazy ladies who want to go to Prague!  Oh, and here’s the link to the project site in case you want to check it out:

Amy’s Kickstarter Project

If nothing else, you should go check the page out, as I made a video, and it must be goofy and foolish, as I can’t seem to imagine me being able to film myself any other way.  You’ll get a laugh.

Anywho, that’s all for now.  I’ve still been working on the natural disaster series, expanding it a bit, so there may be new images on that front soon.  Hopefully, I’ll be better about updates from now on…..

Signing off for now.


Real Art Ways Exhibition

Really quick post right now – I wanted to share the first installation views of my exhibition down in CT!!!

The opening reception last week was amazing and it was unreal in a very good way to finally see my work come together.  I’m so happy with the work and still kind of in shock that it’s up!



First Real Exhibition!!!

That’s right folks.  The reason I’ve been so quiet here for the last few months is that I have been working away at finishing all of the images and sound for my first ever real exhibition!  And by that, I mean, the first exhibition where I have more than 2 pieces in the show, where I’m not sharing wall space with 50 other people.  I mean that the most wonderful folks at Real Art Ways got me a year ago, and they are now saying “Have at.  Here’s a room.  Do what you will with it.”  I get an entire gallery to install my own work.  This is somewhat miraculous to me.  And it makes such a huge difference.  I can’t wait to see everything installed, hung and playing all at the same time!

See, this is the thing with working on a huge scale.  I don’t have 14 foot ceilings in my studio.  I don’t even have enough wall space to hang all 9 murals at the same time.  When I put them up in the gallery it will be the first time I can step back from the work and see it as I imagined.  Totally unreal.

And, see, there’s this other cool thing about the project.  I’m finally doing my sound!  I’ve been toying with sound art/music/digital-aural-chaos for about 3 years, but I’ve never really put myself out there with it.  I love doing it, it makes sense with where the overall project is going, but most of the time I’m getting my work into group photography shows, and that doesn’t quite lend itself to the inclusion of sound installations.  Again, amazingly unreal.

So, if you happen to be in the greater Hartford, CT area any time this summer, you should go see the show.  It should be amazing.  And the call for proposals that made this all happen is their annual Step Up program where they foster emerging artists and give them their break, so you won’t just get to see my work, but the amazing work of 5 other artists who got their chance.

Here’s the postcard image for the show and then the details from the back of the postcard.

And as always, thanks for stopping by…..


Art and Censorship

I’m unsure how to begin this post, mostly because I’m having a hard time coming to grips with this.  And by this, I mean the censorship of the David Wojnarowicz video at the National Portrait Gallery.  The gallery pulled the video out of the exhibition “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture” that runs from Oct. 30, 2010 – Feb. 13, 2011.  And they pulled Wojnarowicz’s video (a four minute excerpt of his 30  minute piece from 1987, “A Fire in My Belly”) because of outrage on the part of the Catholic League and some members of the Republican party.

video still from the disputed piece that was pulled

I’ve ended up reading a fair bit on this today.  It started with Jerry Saltz’s note that he posted on his Facebook page.  Then the Tyler Green piece on ArtInfo.  Then Blake Gopnik’s article in The Washington Post.  Which led me to this post on written by Penny Star.  I won’t rehash these pieces or the countless others that are out there.  But it’s definitely worth looking into if you value freedom of speech and particularly if you are an artist who hopes to be able to express your thoughts without censor.

So after all this reading I am now shell-shocked.  Frozen.  Not from all of the reading, not from slight sense of disbelief that it only took a few hours for a major museum to pull a piece when complaints were issued.  No, I’m literally numb right now as I type this because of the comments that everyday people have been posting regarding this exhibition and this piece specifically.

Yes, I’m horrified that a very vocal faction of our society can scare a major institution into censoring itself.  Terrified.  Yes, it is incredibly ironic that this all happened on World AIDS day, when AIDS is the disease that killed both Wojnarowicz and his lover and fellow artist, Peter Hujar who the piece was made in honor of.

But the moment I went from reading these stories to feeling compelled to write something was when I got to the comment section of the CNS post.  The level of disgust, bile, hatred, and outrage that is displayed there shook me.  Someone called the exhibition a “Hate Crime against Christians & their children & should be prosecuted as such.”  So many of the comments reference the fact that the Smithsonian Institute is in part publicly funded with tax-payers dollars, and therefore the public should have a say in what can and cannot be exhibited.  Others refer to the “smut peddlers,” the “depravity,” and other adjectives such as sick, disgusting, rubbish, sickos, trash, degenerate, perversion, porn and I could keep going, but I won’t as I’m sure you get the idea.

This is really weird for me.  I’m so upset, so angry, so ashamed that I can’t quite put into words my own opinion here.  And that word there, opinion, I think is crucial.  Art, when created, is one person’s view, one person’s opinion.  It is normal and healthy to disagree.  It would be a dull world indeed if everyone held the same opinions and beliefs.  And there is a lot in this world that I disagree with.  But I don’t wish violence, pain and ostracism on people I disagree with.

I’m also really disturbed by the fact that there is still so much hatred towards other human beings in America, a supposedly enlightened and educated society.  Moments like this make me feel pessimistic.  There is no way that humanity will ever evolve beyond senseless violence if these views are still held so tightly in the year 2010.

Enough brooding for one day.


I got Featured!

And no, it’s not a creature feature, though it is almost Halloween.

One of my murals was in a juried group show this month at the Center for Fine Art Photography titled Low Tech, featuring work using antique, alternative or otherwise non-high-tech like techniques.  It’s a great group of images, and I was very excited to be included, as the juror was Crista Dix the owner and founder of wall space gallery a great space that exhibits photography.  And I found out yesterday that they (C4FAP that is) are featuring my mural print on their blog today!!!!

Here’s the mural:

Here’s the link to the blog:

!!!! Click Here !!!!!

Way cool.  Nice way to start the weekend.  Now back to work……


The Dreaded CFE

So, if you’ve read any of my early posts, one of the things that I use this blog for is to vent/question/plead with myself and others about the all-consuming quest – “How do I become an artist?”  What does it mean to be an emerging artist, how do I find my people, etc.

I’ve got a process to keep pushing myself along.  I submit to calls for entry, a.k.a. CFE’s.  Most of them cost some money (or LOTS of money).  Some of them seem like scams off the bat.  Some of them are free.  Others have world famous art-people as jurors or curators.  In all honesty, I could spend whole days just finding these dang things.  There are literally thousands of them out there.  And once you’ve found some (or lots) that you want to submit your work to, you then have to format EVERYTHING!  Images, sized just so, as JPEGS, sRGB or Adobe 1998, quality 8, blah blah blah.  Some want a statement.  Others don’t.  Some, the statement has to be 100 words.  Others 300.  As you can see, this could rapidly turn into a full time job.  It’s what I like to think of as a time-suck.

But here’s the thing.  Occasionally, they work.

Someone sees your work, and they actually get it.  And you’re in a group show.  Or you get a grant.  Or you get to speak at a conference.  And that’s friggin’ amazing.

However, most of the time, you get rejected.  And that’s possibly the hardest part of this path for me.  To keep putting myself out there, time and time again, knowing that more than likely, I will NOT get this.  I will not be included.  It’s kinda like someone kicked you in the ribs, what with us artists being all sensitive and such.  We’re not big on rejection.  If you’re passionate enough to try and pursue a career in the arts, it means that you are putting yourself into the work, so every time you submit a piece, you’re exposing yourself, leaving yourself vulnerable to criticism or dismissal.

But I don’t know of any other way.  I also like the idea that the art I make is doing the work for me – I don’t have to network or schmooze to meet the “right” people.  I show my images to someone who’s in a position to give me exposure of some sort, and once in a while, the stars align, and a little piece of my brain gets shared with a slightly larger audience than my usual, the husband and the cat.  It seems fair in some twisted way.

The only true gripe at this point.  Seriously people, can’t we all agree on some basics here?!?!  Like all JPEGs are 1280 px on the long side at quality 10?  Isn’t that a pretty good compromise?  And statements are 200 words and the CV is 2 pages?  Then at least I wouldn’t be spending the rest of this afternoon cutting and pasting in MS Word, trying to rewrite something that’s already been written.



So amazing, so exciting.  I got awesome news on Tuesday, and I know it’s slightly in poor form to toot my own horn, but I kinda don’t care right now.  This is huge.

I will be having my first ever solo show in a real gallery!  I almost exploded when they called me!

See, I submitted my work to this competition, held by Real Art Ways, in Hartford CT called StepUp 2010.  They do this open call every year, looking for emerging artists to support.  They only choose 6 folks, so I’m floored that I got picked.  It’s mind-boggling, really.  And now I get to make new work, and finally I get to integrate my sound and my photographs!  I’m crazy excited, and almost want to start working now, even though the show won’t happen until sometime next year.  Down girl.  Keep it together.

It’s just cool.

Enough.  No more bragging.  I apologize for going on about myself here, but seriously, where else could I do this, if not on my own blog?

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