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Back to Reality

So, I’m back in Boston.  It’s taken me about a week to get my legs under me again – between sleeping normal hours, starting back up on both jobs and just figuring out my day, I’m finally back on EST.  I’ll miss you Praha time!

With the crash back to reality has come a re-engagement with what’s going on in the US, or at least what’s going on in the world from the US point of view.  I’m reading news again, following things on Twitter, and bemoaning politics.  It seems that I shut that part of my brain off for the month long residency.  It was a nice break, but it’s also nice to be engaged again.  I sometimes feel like my brain has become swiss cheese, as it’s not used to juggling this many thoughts at one time anymore.  That break of just “art” “food” “get dressed” “sleep” “read” was wonderful and very uncomplicated.  I don’t think I really appreciated it until it was gone.

Anywho, just stopping by to say hi and regroup this side of the pond.  And on that note, I’ll leave you with a foolish photo of my furball who is back to being my full-time buddy.

MC Freddie Snuggles


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